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Sleep is good idea

Humans spend one third of their lives sleeping. Just for that reason only you should think about the twenty years you spend sleeping. You should also know that that time is not wasted. A healthy body starts with a sound sleep. Sleeping in a good mattress will help strengthening the immune system along with the muscle and spinal structure. So, when you get older in years to come, you can be physically and mentally more fit. And you can do all this by sleeping in a real mattress. Can you understand it more clearly now? The A&E Primus Betten sleep we designed is a good idea for you.

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Perfect combinationfor sleep

A&E Primus Betten Sleep Adventure has begun with the aim of spreading true sleep comfort to the world as a result of fifty-two years of experience… As it is today, designing top end living standards was always in our minds and in our hands. Our greatest power behind our brand, which we have carried to many parts of the world to date, is our master mattress craftsmen in our A&E Primus Betten family, together with our experience. Our goal is to introduce the concept of real sleep to more people and to ensure that generations are aware of the health benefits that comes from sleep. Our understanding of sleep comes from the beauty that nature offers us. We bring masterful offerings of nature to life with our skillful expertise. And we are inspired only by nature.

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