The main prerequisite for being healthy is a good night’s sleep. People who do not sleep as much as they need, during the day are, unfortunately, live an inferior life and live less than those healthy sleepers. Adonis offers you a healthy sleep with a layer of viscose knit fabric and extra soft viscoelastic spongy hard pad.

Mattress Layers • Special Jacquard Woven Fabric With Viscose • Polyester Wadding • Visko Foam • Knitted Fabric • Foam • Felt • Pocket Spring • Felt • Foam • Fiber• Knitted Fabric

The Viscoelastic Sponge smart mattresses perfectly match the body shape, reducing the pressures onto the body, leading up to a healthy blood circulation and providing you with an uninterrupted sleeping pleasure.For a healthy and quality sleep, a package spring system is used. The package springs together with the surface elasticity, provide durability against collapse for your mattress.

The retting system around the edges of the mattress is supported by high-quality sponges. Both sides of the spring carcass have a thermofelt hard felt that provides comfort on reach. Adonis helps during the treatment of your back, shoulder, waist, and neck pain with its effective pressure reduction, and by perfectly adapting to your body. It takes the shape of your body and gives you the highest level of sleep comfort.