In the name of offering innovative options well beyond classical spring mattresses, we have used superior technologies. In addition to offering durable spring systems designed to fully support the spine when in the horizontal position, as well as recognizing the freedom of the couples to move without disturbing each other in the bed, we have also extended the life of the mattresses. Thanks to Andre’s unique spring system and sponge technology, which offers creative solutions, it is possible to get to sleep in a unique comfort…

Mattress Layers • Plush Soft Fabric • Bamboo Wadding • Latex Foam • Felt • Pocket Spring • Felt • Foam • Cotton • Knitted Fabric

The plush soft bed fabric used in Andre mattresses is different from the known natural anti-bacterial applications. This application effectively provides natural protection in the prevention of the development of harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites. Reduces the allergenic effects of dust mites. Helps reduce the formation of unwanted odors, which is the result of bacteria.

The high-density top layer, which responds quickly to your body movements, and the pack spring system, ensure that your body is supported from every point, and builds a healthy sleeping ground. Andre mattress’ bamboo plush padding, and latex sponge, offers you maximum comfort and uninterrupted sleep. Created from various combinations of spring, sponge, and fabric technologies, Andre is specially designed for you to enjoy the highest level of comfort.