What does a good sleep mean to you? Perhaps the first condition of a lovely start to a new day, or perhaps the strength that allows you to stand upright in the intense moments of life. Or the most beautiful refuge at the end of a stressful business day. The recipe for a good sleep is different for every person, but its importance is the same for everyone. The fear of not being able to fall a restful sleep ends up with Arthur mattresses.

Mattress Layers • Sakura Fragrant Fabric • Cotton • Polyester Wadding • Foam • Felt • 7 Zone Pocket Spring • Felt • Foam • Polyester Wadding • Cotton • Sakura Scented Fabric

Arthur gives a sense of sleeping over the clouds, with its soft-woven cotton fabric and voluminous construction. You just lay yourself down on it. With the positive energy it will give you thanks to the Sakura-fragrant fabric, you will wake up energetically in the morning as never before. For a good sleep however, you need to choose the right mattress first and foremost.The way to live a good life, being peaceful and healthy, is, first of all, depends on getting a good night’s sleep.

Mattresses produced with special spring systems provide a hygienic sleeping environment besides a healthy stance.The 7-Zone Packaged spring system, produced by special treatment of each spring, forms a fully orthopedic hard surface. Sakura is a word in Japanese, meaning cherry blossom. For the Japanese who still carry the Samurai lifestyle in their souls, the cherry blossom has tremendous significance. Sakura, the symbol of youth, freshness and beauty like spring, is combined in Arthur mattresses, offering you a refreshing sleep.