Orthopedically structured Cehov with its pressure-dispensing sponge layers that enhance sleep comfort, its internal and edge support sponges, and its full back supporting structure, is the perfect bed for those seeking the highest level of comfort. Provides you with a quality and comfortable sleep…

Mattress Layers • A&E Primus Betten Special Knitted Fabric • Polyester Wadding • Nonoven • Cocolok • Double Pocket Spring • White Felt • Nonoven • Polyester Wadding • Knitted Fabric

This robust and durable “Double Fold Bag Spring System” Cehov mattress, designed as a solution to the collapse problem in mattresses, reduces the pressure of the body by spreading its weight over the whole bearing surface, by means of extra number of springs.

In Cehov Mattress, each of the systems used to help prevent wait and back pain, and to protect your spine’s health, is produced with a healthy lifestyle in mind.Cocolok used in Cehov mattresses is a hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial latex essence that we have sprayed onto the plaques made from coconut. Resistant to the mites makes the product perfect for people with allergies.