Tablet Spring that is present in the Chopin mattress is one of the latest technological spring systems in the spring industry. It is the smallest shortest spring system in the world, aiming to increase comfort levels in mattresses. Tablet Springs are defined as a unique layer of filler and support, that offers unrivaled comfort compared to other similar materials.

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Chopin has a special touch, thanks to the special fabric developed for the best sleep, and the mattress quilt that enhances sleep comfort. The moisture management feature in the bedding fabric brings sleep comfort to a maximum level by minimizing the effect of sweating during sleep.

Used in Chopin mattresses, Harilok is an ideal product for reducing the pressure on the springs without limiting their elasticity. Hairlok’s flexibility means you can use it for comfort as well. Hairlok’s high elasticity and three-dimensional strength are the main effective features of the product.The Tablet Bag Spring System does not slow down your body’s blood circulation during sleep, and by this means, you start the day completely refreshed after a full and comfortable sleep.