It is important for us that you use your bed for many years in a healthy way and with safety. For this reason, we have taken care to produce a solid and durable mattress, that does not deform according to the shape of the body, and that retains its original form. Make sure to test the quality of the Elvis bed!

Mattress Layers • Linen Knitted Fabric • Camel Hair • Foam • Coco Coir • 7 Zone Pocket Spring • Coco Coir • Foam • Cotton • Linen Knitted Fabric

Produced with naturally derived materials, Elvis mattress custom-prepares you a natural and ergonomic sleeping environment. The Elvis mattress brings your beds the advantage of excellent thermo-regulation, which is very common in nature in camel wool, keeping you cool in very hot weather and warm in cold weather. This layer between the slabs of sponge, gives you a combination of elasticity and durability.

The package spring system, which moves independently from each other, creates a comfortable sleeping environment with soft viscose fabric while supporting your body from every point.Coconut fiber is very hard and elastic material at the same time. Over time, the fiber will hardly wear out. Coir is a product that naturally adapts to human body. With coir, as with wool or horsehair, we feel very comfortable.