We designed this for those who say, “I should feel the comfort of the bed, not the bed itself.” We present to you the key to a healthy life. At the same time, Ernest Mattress helps to prevent back and waist pain by providing excellent orthopedic support to your body with its comfortable and soft viscoelastic sponge.

Mattress Layers • Special Scented Flowered Knitted Fabric • Polyester Wadding • Nonoven • Visco Foam • 7 Zone Pocket Spring • Foam • Nonoven • Polyester Wadding • Knitted Fabric

The Ernest mattress affects your whole day, not just your night’s sleep, as it supports your body healthy from every corner during the sleep. Thanks to the knit fabric, while sleeping, it helps to support the muscular and skeletal system of our bodies.Using visco in mattresses, a material unlike other products, which is sensitive to body temperature and pressure through its open-celled structure, enables the mattress to react to the characteristics of your body.

For a healthy sleep and a body, a bed should accommodate your shape, and relieve the pressure-receiving parts of your body, such as the waist and spine, when you lied down. Ernest is a mattress that will adapt to you, according to your weight, your height and your sleeping habits.