Featuring a perfect touch, the Ezra bedding fabric with its superior moisture management, provides moisture retention and quick drying benefits. Thanks to its easy cleaning feature, Ezra Bed provides hygiene protection during your sleep, and thanks to its Anti-Stress feature, you can start a peaceful day after a good night’s sleep.

Mattress Layers • Visco Cashmere High and Wowen Fabric • Polyester Wadding • Soft Foam • Felt • Pocket Spring • Felt • Soft Foam • Polyester Wadding • Knitted Fabric

Ezra has a special touch, thanks to the special fabric developed for the best sleep, and the mattress quilt that enhances sleep comfort. The moisture management feature in the bedding fabric brings sleep comfort to a maximum level by minimizing the effect of sweating during sleep.Ezra mattresses have many details, developed for sleep comfort.It offers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of a refreshing sleep, along with air capsules on the side of the bed that provide air circulation.

For a healthy sleep and a strong body, a bed should adapt to your shape, and relieve the pressure-receiving parts of your body, such as the waist and spine, when you lied down. The concept of beds being orthopedically custom-made is much more straightforward, in other words it is more desirable for mattresses to adapt to your weight, your height, and your sleeping habits.