We have traced how comfort comes into existence and how to produce the best for the human body in terms of sleep. We did a lot of research to find the best natural materials. Then we gave all this to the hands of our most talented, most experienced masters. Everything was specially prepared using only natural materials. This comprehensive process introduced Lucas, the new comfort in sleep.

Pad Layers • Cashmere Satin Wowen Fabric • Latex Foam • Cotton Mattress Layers • Soft Touch Knitted Fabric • Polyester Fiber• Wadding • Foam • White Felt • Pocket Spring • Foam• Wadding • Soft Wowen Fabric

A perfect sleeping adventure with handcrafted Lucas awaits you. Thanks to the organic cotton-based layer grown entirely by natural methods, it contributes to your sleeping health and the latex sponge layer makes you feel a refreshing effect. Latex is a plant extract that solidifies when met with air, secreted by many plants in the forest, as well as the rubber tree. A mattress made of Latex is the starting point for a healthy and natural rest.

With a relaxing and comforting function on the muscle structure, Latex mattresses provide a refreshing sleeping environment without sweating overnight, thanks to its breathing air channels. Our bodies have their own orthopedic structure. This structure consists of head, neck, shoulder, waist-back, hip, calf-knee and foot. Protecting this structure is vital. A&E Primus Betten mattresses support the backbone structures, helping to protect your health during sleep.