One of the most important factors in choosing natural beds is the natural air-conditioning effect of your mattress provides; cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition, the natural mattresses, due to the layers in them, continuously breathe, and protect you from harmful factors such as bacteria, mold and fungus that form on the beds. Also on this count, your bed will last longer and you will be using it comfortably for many years to come.

Mattress Layers • Jacquard Knitted Fabric With AloeVera Treatment • Wadding • Alpaca Wool • Visco Foam • 7 Zone Pocket Spring • Felt • Soft Foam • Knitted Fabric

Thanks to the Aloe Vera essence applied to the fabric of Luis mattresses with nanotechnology, it is ensured that the energy lost during the day is recovered during sleep. Aloe Vera treated fabric, renews the skin and keeps the complexion fresh. It enhances comfort during sleep and provides a deep sleep.

Alpaca wool, one of the finest and most valuable wools of the world, is used in the handmade, carefully prepared Luis mattresses.

Alpaca wool has good insulation and provides three times more warmth than sheep’s wool. Thanks to its anti-allergic properties, it prevents irritation.

Luis mattress supports the body from every point with its 7-Zone Intelligent Package Spring System, which provides independent support to different parts of the body, and helps to protect the health of your spine. With independent springs, it prevents you from being affected by your partner’s tossing and turning movements during sleep.