Primus Betten, the address of comfort, develops products for a comfortable sleep. Morley, the product that Primus Betten combines ‘viscoelastic gel’ and ‘package spring’ technology, promises you a sound sleep. This product appeals to those who like to sleep in cool surroundings.

Mattress Layers • Jacquard Wowen Fabric • Polyester Wadding • Viscogel Foam • Nonoven • Soft Foam • White Felt • Pocket Spring • White Felt • Soft Foam • Nonoven • Jacquard Wowen Fabric

The viscoelastic gel sponge in the products allows the heat generated by the human body to pass through the gel, and partially dispersed. At this point, the contact surface gets cooler, and a pleasant cooling sensation emanates… What is left for you to do is to just enjoy this coolness…

The package spring is formed by inserting the springs into individual interlocking fabric bags. The springs act independently of each other and react according to the amount of pressure created onto them. This supports the shoulder, lumbar vertebra and hip region separately due to the different diameters of wires and zone springs of different hardness arranged in 5 regions according to human anatomy.

We want to give you a sleeping experience that you have never experienced until now with our special designs that are worthy of Morley’s elegance. For this, we have quite valid reasons.