Latex is a plant extract that solidifies when met with air, secreted by many plants in the forest, as well as the rubber tree. A mattress made of Latex is the starting point for a healthy and natural rest. With a relaxing and comforting function on the muscle structure, Latex mattresses provide a refreshing sleeping environment without sweating overnight, thanks to its breathing air channels.

Pad Layers• Cashmere Satin Wowen Fabric • Latex Foam

• Cotton Mattress Layers • Soft Touch Knitted Fabric • Polyester Fiber• Wadding • Foam • White Felt • Pocket Spring • Foam• Wadding • Soft Wowen Fabric

In addition to the cashmere satin woven fabric used in Mozart mattresses, soft sponges also allow your blood pressure to be balanced during sleep by fully adapting to your body. Supports your body at every point with bag springs supported by soft sponges. Reduces unwanted rotational movements in bed, and increases sleep quality.

Having a natural Latex layer, Mozart starts air circulation from the moment you lie down on the bed.

Thanks to this air flow between the natural Latex lattice channels, you will have the chance to sleep in a refreshing setting as well as in a hygienic environment protected from bacteria as the humidity is blocked.

Thanks to its organic and natural knitted bedding fabric, this mattress considers your health for you, while you are asleep. The cotton used in the fabric laid on the surface of the mattress is organic; for this reason, you will not risk your health.