A&E Primus Betten designers combine the advanced “mobile baseboard” with the headboard to offer Sandro to the users. Developed by A&E Primus Betten, this ergonomic design delivers uninterrupted sleep by providing support for the “S” fold of the body.

The magnificent combination of comfort and aesthetics for those who are always looking for the better and the more comfortable. Sandro, with motion options that can be independently controlled from different points, prolongs the joy of lounging around either before or after you wake up.

From the moment the darkness overtakes the sky, you will notice that Sandro is the only shining star of your home. With its quilted upholstery bed board made by master craftsmen, it will create an atmosphere that will fascinate your room. All you have to do will be to leave yourselves to Sandro and close your eyes.

Dynamic and sportive… An appealing bed base model for those who want to create a different and striking environment in their bedrooms. Thanks to its legs high from the ground, it makes cleaning easy, adding hygiene to your living spaces.