Tolstoy, which we designed to offer the perfect support for your body when you are asleep or lying down, has all the comfort you expect from a long-life, stylish spring-bearing mattress. With the jacquard textured fabric, you will enjoy a unique sleep.

Mattress Layers • Jacquard Wowen Fabric • Polyester Wadding • Wadding • Foam • Felt • Bonnel Spring • Felt • Foam • Wadding • Polyester Wadding • Jacquard Wowen Fabric

The Bonnel Spring system, situated within the layers of Tolstoy Mattress, prevents damage to your spine structure during sleep by preventing spinal deformities that may occur in your vertebrae. It helps reduce waist and neck aches.In our everyday life, we are in constant contact with unnatural surroundings. For this reason, it is very important psychologically that our mattresses, which we spend a third of our lives, reflect naturality.

With its color, pattern and smell reflecting nature, Tolstoy mattresses offer comfortable and natural sleeping at your service.Tolstoy cracks the doors open for a healthy sleep. Bonel spring technology is helping to relieve waist and back aches while providing the mattress with an ultra-orthopedic feature. The high-density upper layer, which responds quickly to your body movements, ensures that your body is supported from every point, and helps create a basis for a healthy sleep