Talking about this special design before you fall under the spell of the sleep comfort of Victor, should help you reach the sleep that would meet your expectations. This eye-catching specially designed product, is a work of art with our quilts, and the side borders, which are born with the touch of our most experienced masters. We also thought that the owner of such a special mattress, of course, should be very special too, and we developed a mattress that we designed for quality living, and we carried the comfort of sleep to maximum heights.

Pad Layers • Cashmere Viscose Wowen Fabric • Wool • Horse Hair • Visco Foam Katmanlar • Knitted Fabric • Soft Foam • Felt • Pocket Spring • Felt • Soft Foam • Knitted Fabric

The world’s highest quality mattress makers and upholsterers use horsehair to achieve higher durability and comfort. Horsehair is one of the most elastic and flexible filling materials found in nature. Thanks to the air channels inside, you can relax in both hot and cold surroundings, with the Horsehair Mattresses that provide a naturally air-conditioned environment.   These mattresses keep your body in ideal temperature.Even, the best name that can be given to these mattresses is the Natural Air-condition, because it has an excellent ventilation feature.

The moment you lie on the bed, your body pressure will spread to the overall mattress and fill the small of your waist in the best way to offer you the most comfortable sleep ever possible.For your personal comfort needs, wool has a natural ability to absorb the water vapor and control the bed climate through transmission. This affects helping to create a regular heartbeat, causing a more restful sleep.