To increase your quality of life, you first need to increase your sleep quality. For that, before anything else, perhaps you might need to change your mattress. Knowing that everybody is different, Voltaire, which we design with handcraft by producing creative solutions, is a suitable bed for your lifestyle, your taste and your requirements.

Mattress Layers • Viscose Cashmere Fabric • Merino Lambs Wool • Cotton • Horse Hair • White Felt • Pocket Spring • White Felt • Soft Foam • Knitted Fabric

The Voltaire mattress, which is the most beautiful reflection of hand-crafting, is produced for those who want to have real exclusivity. And now one last step for you to being special… It offers a special comfort with high density thermobond fiber. The Voltaire mattress, completely handcrafted, wraps your body in real sense and fully supports its natural S structure.Merino lamb wools are very soft and thin. Compared to wool obtained from older animals, it is more humid-retaining and keeps warmer.

That is why lamb wool is more grooved and there are more air gaps.Scientific tests have proved that horsehair creates an excellent micro-climate, making us comfortable in hot and cold weather conditions. The horsehair is very durable, inherently, and has a fantastic ventilation feature. Perforated fibers move moisture away from the body, providing a comfortable micro-climate.